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    One to one coaching and mentoring for people who want to start an enterprise and for startups looking to grow a business

  • - ABOUT US -

    HeyYoda.online is a product of Katarsis Ventures Limited a social enterprise and a registered Limited Company in England and Wales 07813822

    About us

    The HeyYoda.online team understands early stage entrepreneurship development and growth really well.


    We have supported more 250 teams over the last 5 years. Over the last decade we have been instrumental in $50 million of business development, funding and investment. 20% of this, was achieved in hard places internationally. We are masters of mentoring, coaching, advising entrepreneurial people and you will benefit from this unique scope and depth of experience.


    HeyYoda.online benefits you with really excellent, personalised, adaptable, affordable support. Intelligent technology means you can benefit from this just-in-time so we are always accessible.

    About you

    We believe entrepreneurship is an opportunity to blow your own mind while changing the world around you.


    HeyYoda.online is for entrepreneurial people pursuing an idea, wanting to bring it to life; creating value for others and themselves.


    This may include turning your business idea into a viable startup or achieving impact in another way, or managing change and growth.


    Our support is focused on you, driven by you and it adapts as you learn. We develop this with leading technology, which helps integrate support into your life and schedule and delivers increasing productivity.

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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations to help energise, enlighten and empower entrepreneurial people!

    September 7, 2018 · Mentoring,Coaching,Entrepreneurship,Human Rights,Self Determination
    This week and last I have pushed myself hard. In a manic moment, I met up with the co-founders of Noise Solution. This social enterprise is outstanding. They are measuring social impact in ways which are signficant on an international scale. If they were pitching into a market which worked...
    August 2, 2018 · Entrepreneurship,franchise,social enterprise,socent,migrants
    https://medium.com/@richard_9010/entrepreneurship-an-elite-or-popular-movement-db7439fb61d3 The article is a long-read. Using a small amount of data from the GALI Datasets, Richard begins to make a case for digital-first support systems for entrepreneurial people. The idea of this is to reflect...
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    Personalised, Adaptable, Accessible just-in-time


    Moving from idea to action

    Prioritising things, supervising your activities, creative problem solving. Someone to call, to message; call and message you,  accessible when you need it.


    Monthly subscription £50

    Individual session (s) £75


    Mainly paid for by individuals


    Special purpose, special projects

    Focused personal development, readiness programmes, capacity building projects, effective team performance.


    Monthly subscription from £250 to £500 depending on your development stage


    Can be paid for individually or charged to your enterprise


    Strategy and Execution

    Change leadership and management, good governance and sustainable business development, deal flow management.


    Monthly subscription from £750 to £1000 depending on your development stage


    Mainly charged to your enterprise

  • How It Works

    Coaching and Mentoring is perhaps the most effective intervention designed for human performance.

    The technology we use makes this more accessible, more personalised, more integrated.



    Arrange a FREE consultation to establish what you want to achieve, how we can help and achieve a good match.



    Pay for one-off sessions or a package of support based on your needs, and priced based on your development stage.



    Access excellent personal support as you need it to work towards your goals. Using intelligent social media helps us agree tasks and record activity, support your progress and reflection, and enables us to provide actionable feedback for step-by-step and accelerated performance.

  • - Real life excellence -

    Examples of customer experience through HeyYoda.online

    Touching base

    Marc is a journalist, based in the UK

    “Always there when I got stuck, and really helped my motivation to keep going and overcome obstacles.

    • The accountability package suits Mark from a really early stage; just an idea, which he needs to develop.
    • Structuring his development, and being accountable for important milestones, enables him to develop the idea into a concept which engages people and achieve higher levels of validation.
    • This  helps him access a local accelerator.
    • Once in the accelerator we help him make the most of the support, and shift to assisting him to negotiate his first Seed Investment and manage this relationship.


    Ehud is a master of improvisation from Israel; a talented Jazz artist

    “I risked it all for what I love, and I struggled. With this support I almost can't believe how life transformed. Now I can see a future and how to develop my portfolio. The support was always there, just when I needed it most and so always really powerful.

    • As a performer with an ambitious mission Ehud needed to response to opportunities swiftly, travel internationally and juggle it all well.
    • The digital first features of his support package travelled with him and adapted to his focus.
    • His 12 month package was outcome-focused; and available just-in-time through intelligent social media.
    • He built partnerships, secured business contracts, amplified his performance portfolio, prototyped and launched new programmes.

    Doing the deal

    Hugo is a Portuguese social entrepreneur

    “For finding the deal we needed support in managing and using the feedback. For doing the deal we needed support to manage the risks associated with the various compromises. Executing the successful deal, we needed support rolling out and taking the team with us.

    • Entrepreneurial people are action-orientated, reflective, and almost uniquely able to motivate themselves to keep moving forward.
    • Hugo was getting a lot of feedback, and we supported him to action that in line with his long-term objectives.
    • Hugo is pioneering technology, a different business model, and needs pioneering partners comfortable with that; this creates to unique challenges.
    • His support package works because it can shifts from supporting big decisions, to immediate pressures quickly enabling him to be patient, persistent and purposeful. 

    Changing the world

    Farzeen pioneers agribusiness in Bangladesh

    “Literally my Yoda and I just shout HeyYoda! Whenever I am stuck, support is there. This has helped me and the team find some of the biggest breakthroughs. Some of this has saved us millions of dollars. We have been able to develop unique partnerships because of this, we are doing business internationally with this support.

    They never doubted my vision and the support grows with me.

    • Emerging markets, disruptive business models, hard places, fragile places, places in transition; entrepreneurial pioneers drive real change.
    • Farzeen had to focus on his long-term objectives and his support package held him to account through those changes.
    • More intensive support over 3 to 6 month periods, enabled him to develop the viability of business models, develop market strategies and develop his teams.
    • As new business developed, efficiencies were made, investment readiness achieved, networks developed, and the business became more complex and productive.  
    • Through deal flow, the awards, and complex challenges and innovative funding solutions, HeyYoda.online is his primary trusted advisor.

    Power and influence

    Abdul is a co-founder in creative media from Egypt

    “Literally changed the way I think, I work, the way I manage the company. Helped me in figuring out what's important and what's not, how to focus on the social impact, how to manage the business side.I am so grateful for the first year of learning, so I continued!"


    • Abdul’s enterprise exports because his support package offered expertise in accessing markets.
    • Abdul is the leader of an enterprise with a very effective culture, because his personal support package reflected his own values and beliefs; and respected the social side as much as the economic.
    • The blend of digital, virtual and real-time support, is able to overcome barriers to communication and access to support which exist in some parts of the world. 

    Patience and persistence

    Semra is an award-winning Turkish restauranteur, branching out in the UK

    "I felt alive again, determined and passionate towards life, business and myself. My self-doubt evaporated, no longer trapped in a bubble. I got my priorities right. Through clear, well-structured plans. I solved problems one by one, and then transformed my business which has benefitted hugely.

    • Entrepreneurial people strive to achieve a balance between personal and enterprise objectives.  There is a strong cause and effect link between these.
    • Semra accessed support monthly, to strike that balance, then develop action plans for both, which eventually came together seamlessly to deliver significant personal and business breakthroughs.
    • A monthly session, with the security of support in between, is often all a driven, self-aware and reflective leader actually needs.  They are their own accelerator.


    Pioneering leadership

    Sara is an ambitious, entrepreneurial pioneer of sustainable community development

    “A major part of my own success and caring style as a mentor, is because of the mentoring and support experiences I have had.


    • Coaching and mentoring are perhaps the most effective intervention designed for human performance.
    • The best mentors, coaches and advisors work in ways which enable entrepreneurial to develop as leaders and apply these approaches through their own development with others.
    • Technology enables entrepreneurial people to overcome barriers, embargoes, cross borders and cultures.  Accessing support this way works really well.
  • change maker’s change maker

    We’ve been working to demonstrate to others the social profit from nurturing innovation, enabling enterprise and pipelining investment in hard places. HeyYoda.online is a product of  www.katarsis.ventures


    Entrepreneurial people reached

    $50 m +

    A decade of business development

    $10 m

    Pipelined in hard places, where entrepreneurial rights are limited

    25 + countries

    Portfolio of global experience

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    2. The term 'coaching' used here covers personal coaching, executive coaching and business coaching for clients and where applicable includes mentoring or supervision services provided for clients, coaches or others.
    3. Coaching is not psychological counselling or any type of therapy, and should not be construed as such.
    4. In return for the fees payable by the client (or by a third party on their behalf), HeyYoda.online agrees to provide the service as described below and in accordance with the terms and conditions set out below. 
    5. The client agrees to pay fees for the service on the terms and conditions set out below (in situations where a third party pays the fees, the third party counts as an agent acting on behalf of the client).
    6. The date that the first coaching session takes place shall be deemed to be the start date for the service. Participation by any individual in the first coaching session constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.
    Responsibility & Commitment
    7. HeyYoda.online will seek to enable the client to set and achieve goals that will help to bring about desired outcomes for the client. The client has sole responsibility for any decisions they may make following coaching with HeyYoda.online.  
    8. HeyYoda.online accepts no liability for the client’s actions. 
    9. HeyYoda.online has no liability for any loss incurred by any client, whether financial or otherwise, following commencement of coaching sessions, or for any perceived failure by the client, whether justified or otherwise, to achieve a material improvement in quality of life or to achieve their desired outcomes or goals.
    10. Personal information or business information supplied to HeyYoda.online by the client in coaching sessions will be treated as confidential. It will not be disclosed to a third party without the client's prior permission, save where required by law.
    11. HeyYoda.online will respect the client’s privacy and seek written permission before disclosing they are a client.
    12. All documentation and information relating to the client will be held according to the law in England and Wales, except as permitted by the client in writing or as required by law.
    Clarity & Style
    13. HeyYoda.online will discuss with the client their preferred style of coaching.  The client has the right to talk openly and candidly with their coach, and the client is encouraged to discuss any concerns they have with HeyYoda.online on any area of the coaching process.  HeyYoda.online welcomes openness and honesty.
    14. Feedback about the service is welcomed and can be given during a coaching session or by writing to HeyYoda.online at 2 Fernyhalgh Gardens, Fulwood, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 9NH or email to richard@heyyoda.online.
    15. HeyYoda.online is continually striving to ensure the standard of service it provides to its clients remains outstanding.  At the end of the coaching process, or series of coaching sessions, the client will be asked to share feedback.
    Coaching Procedure
    16. The coaching schedule will be arranged between HeyYoda.online and the client and can be booked in advance.  HeyYoda.online will recommend the frequency of coaching sessions based on a professional assessment of the client’s requirements. This recommendation, or plan, is not binding and may be altered and adjusted throughout the coaching journey by mutual agreement, in accordance with the terms set out in this agreement.
    17. The number of coaching sessions will be agreed at the start of coaching between HeyYoda.online and the client, and confirmed by HeyYoda.online by email. Where no specific number is agreed sessions will be provided on a session by session basis. Due to the nature of coaching, the initial term usually recommended is four sessions, including the initial consultation.  Full payment is due before or at the first session. Additional sessions can be booked thereafter.
    18. The length of each session will be be agreed between HeyYoda.online and the client at the commencement of the session and depending on their level of subscription.
    19. Coaching will take place between the client and their coach online or by telephone.  Unless otherwise agreed, HeyYoda.online is responsible for telephoning the client at agreed times.
    20. HeyYoda.online may assign the client tasks or exercises to complete between coaching sessions. There is no obligation on the client to complete these tasks, but not doing so may slow the client's progress in gaining improved quality of life or achieving desired business or personal outcomes. Where possible, clients are requested to submit any information requested by HeyYoda.online relating to assignments at least 24 hours before the coaching session when they are to be discussed. HeyYoda.online will provide feedback on completed assignments during coaching sessions or online between sessions.
    21. The client may contact HeyYoda.online by phone or email between sessions to share a success or seek clarification on a coaching issue.  Support between sessions is seen by HeyYoda.online as an integral part of the learning and support process.  HeyYoda.online will always advise a client in advance if the nature of a client's contact is likely to incur an additional charge, and no such charges will be imposed without the client's agreement.
    Cancellation & Rearranging Sessions
    22. If the client needs to rearrange a coaching session, they should provide at least 48 hours’ notice. No refunds will be given to clients for unused coaching sessions unless 48 hours’ notice has been given. In exceptional circumstances 
    23. HeyYoda.online may need to rearrange a coaching session; in these circumstances HeyYoda.online will use reasonable endeavours to provide a mutually satisfactory alternative appointment the client.
    24. Where a client pays for a session, or sessions, in advance they must have the coaching session(s) that they have paid for within 6 months of the payment, or their fee is forfeited.
    25. The client may terminate their coaching contract at any time in writing.  Any monies owed at the time of cancellation will become due immediately.  Refunds on payments made against future sessions will be at the discretion of HeyYoda.online.
    26. In exceptional circumstances, such as illness or unavailability due to bereavement or other commitments, inappropriate behaviour by the client, actual or potential conflict of interest, or other reasons, HeyYoda.online can decide to terminate the service to the client early or refuse or be unable to provide further coaching sessions to the client. In such a circumstance the client will be given reasonable notice of termination by HeyYoda.online where practicable, and will be refunded any advance payments made for coaching sessions not yet provided. 
    27. There may be occasions when HeyYoda.online may recommend to the client that they seek an alternative service more suited to their current needs.  In this event HeyYoda.online will fully discuss the reasons for the recommendation with the client.  It is the client’s sole responsibility to decide whether to follow the recommendation and HeyYoda.online does not accept any liability for the outcome of any decisions the client choses to make.